Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful and safe Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone! Hopefully we can all update our blogs so we can see what everyone did!

Friday, December 12, 2008


Well I feel bad because its been about 2 weeks since I've updated anything! We haven't been to busy around here just busy enough which has been very nice! The above picture of Matt was yesterday when I shaved his little head! I know your thinking why in the winter? Well I tried to cut his cute hair myself and of course screwed up again so I had to shave the whole thing. So now whenever he goes outside he has to have a hat on. But he does look super cute!
This is one of Matt's favorite things to do lately is line up all of his toys. He doesn't even play with them anymore he only lines them up. Its pretty funny to watch!

This is a picture of our Christmas tree. We just got it and its very nice. Tim picked it out all by himself and he did a very good job. I was sad that we couldn't fit the star on the top, so now I need to find another star that will actually fit the top.

This is Matt giving me a big cheesy smile! What a good boy he is. One thing that he did today that I thought was amazing was he started counting all by himself. I was in the other room and I heard him counting and I was so excited! I ran into his playroom and started counting with him. I have gone through the numbers with him but not that much so I didn't think he even knew what they were, little did I know he was listening to me. Kids are so smart!