Sunday, November 30, 2008


Well we certainly had a great 4 day family fun filled week! We started on Wednesday night and had Thanksgiving dinner with my family. I've posted a lot of pictures but they are totally out of order so I'll have to go through them at the end. We had dinner with all of my family except for Brandon because he was working and my Grandpa, Cherri, and my Grandma Bishop. It was so fun seeing everyone and of course eating great food! Thanks again Mom!

On Thursday I went down to my parents house again while Tim slept so I could see Brandon. I don't get to see him very often so I wanted to see him for a little while. We had fun together and afterwards we went up to Tim's Grandma Adams house for Thanksgiving dinner. It was fun having everyone there and of course eating some other great food! I need to learn from all these cooks. We looked at the Black Friday specials and talked and just had fun together.

On Friday was of course Black Friday. I got up at 4:30am and went to Walmart with my cousins Melanie, Heather, Bethany, Aunt Diane, Mom, Dad, and Sarah. Walmart was seriously crazy and we've decided to never do that again. We went to Sears, Target, Sports Authority, and of course out to IHOP for some yummy breakfast! Thanks again girls I had a blast! Later that day I did get a little nap and then we had Tim's sister Carrie, her husband Mark and there little boy Spencer come over and we ate dinner and watched the Jazz game. It was fun hanging out with them since they live in Cedar City. Thanks for hanging out with us!

On Saturday we went up to the Cemetery in West Valley and decorated Tim's little brother's grave. This has been a tradition in his family since his brother passed away 18 years ago. I love this family tradition and I'm so happy that they do this together. Afterwards we all went out to eat at Hires Big H which was seriously so good! I kept saying how much I loved the cheese fries! I could eat those everyday!

We had a great 4 days and even though I'm tired I wouldn't trade my family for anything! I loved being with everyone! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and that we were all able to remember the many things we have to be grateful for.

Matt with Aunt Steph
Tim and Mark

My mom getting her neck massaged by my dad. I thought this was hilarious!

All the girls at IHOP eating

Matt with flour on his lip. So Cute!

All the Grand kids and Carrie. Ashlynn, Spencer, Carter, and Matt

Brandon and Matt

Mom, Matt, and Dad

Monday, November 24, 2008

Fun Pics of Matt

I had to post a couple of pictures of Matt I've taken in the last week. He seriously is such a joy in my life and he makes me laugh everyday! He loves wearing shoes and he especially loves to wear shoes that are a challenge. These are my boots and they pretty much go all the way up his leg. Its so funny to watch him walk around in them.
This is Matt on his bike with some underwear on his head. He thought the underwear were a cute hat and he wore them all day! He has been so fun lately and I'm so grateful everyday that he is a part of my life.
So I just wanted to give my input on the Twillight movie. I seriously thought it was great! There were a couple of things that bugged me but I really loved it! I want to go see it again and again! I know so many people are saying crap about it but it was so good, it had no swear words or anything bad in it. It was a nice wholesome movie.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Opinions Please!

Okay so this may sound really weird to many people but I've been thinking a lot lately about writing a book. I know sounds crazy, but it won't be a normal book. I was out with my friends a couple of weeks ago and I was telling a funny story that happened to me and after I was done telling it I said, "I should write a book about all the funny things that have happened to me." Seriously after I said that I have not forgotten it and I think it would be fun to just write a book about funny things that have happend to me just to make other's laugh. I don't think I would ever publish it by any means but just let people read it if they wanted to for a good laugh. So I need everyone's opinions PLEASE! I really have thought to myself many times that I am here for many reasons but one of them is to make people laugh and to have fun! So let me know what you all think. Thanks!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Orlando Baby!

So this weekend we went to Orlando Fl. for a business trip that Tim had to make for his company. So I decided that I wanted to join him and just have a fun 3 day weekend with my hubby! We left at 10am on Friday morning to Denver and ended up being stuck there for over 3 hours because they had to get a new plane for us. It was actually kind of fun to not have anything to do. We just walked around and looked at all the shops, ate lots of food, and read. It was just nice being with Tim. So finally are plane gets there almost 3 hours late and we were on our way to Orlando. I did throw up on that flight because we hit horrible turbulence so that was lots of fun! By the time we got to Orlando it was about 9pm and I was starving! I ordered a huge pizza in the room and ate like 4 pieces! We also watched a movie and then we went to bed.
I didn't get up the next morning until 9:30 because I was so tired from the day before and by that time Tim was at his conference. So he met me for lunch at noon and then he was at the conference for the rest of the day. So I was trying to decide what to do so I decided to go shopping. We rented a little PT cruiser (which I would not recommend to buy) and I went looking for places to go shopping. All I could find were little strip malls with policemen at every single one of them. Those policemen made me feel really safe! I ended up just going to Payless Shoes, Radio Shack, and Walgreens. Pretty exciting I know! I had only been out for like 2 hours and I was totally done so I went back to the hotel and just read my book until Tim got back. After Tim got back we went out to dinner and he wanted to go "shopping" so I took him to a couple of places and then we went back to to hotel and just hung out.
On Sunday Tim went to the Conference in the morning but we had to be out of the hotel by noon so I was wondering what I was going to do until our flight left at 6:30 that night. So Tim ditched out of the rest of the conference and we got some food and decided to go to the airport early to see if we could get an earlier flight out. No such luck, so here we were again at the airport and we had 4 hours to kill! By the time we got on our flight I was seriously not feeling good. We were only going to Atlanta which was an hour away so I thought I would be fine, but I was very wrong! (Caution there is a bad throw up story, continue at your own risk)
So as we were descending into Atlanta I started getting really sick, so I tell Tim and he's looking all over for a bag for me. He can't find a bag anywhere and he's asking everyone around us and of course by that time its already coming up so I grab my sweater off the ground and just totally puke in it. Of course the sweater has little holes all in it so its dripping all down my legs and all over my shirt. By this time we've landed and I'm sure everyone could smell it and they just wanted to get off the plane. I'm crying because I feel awful and I smell like puke! So Tim gets me a big bag to put my sweater in and we get off the plane and I look at Tim and I was like "I'm getting a new outfit, I'm not flying another 4 hours in puke clothes"! We only had like 40 mins until our flight left so I was in a big hurry to find something. Finally all I could find that had pants was a Puma store. The pants were $50 dollars but I could have cared less. I got new pants and a new sweater because lets face it that sweater had no chance. So I was all clean I felt good and on our next flight I didn't get sick (probably because I had no food in my stomach). So I'm trying to look for the good in the story and I found a couple of things: I got some new clothes, I got a good laugh afterwards, and I learned what not to do before I fly. So there is are adventure in Orlando. I hope you enjoyed my wonderful story I know I'll laugh about it more in a couple of days!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Pics of Matt

A couple of weeks ago I went up to Provo Canyon and my friend Emily got some really great pictures of Matt! We had so much fun looking for places to put him and he was such a good boy!
I loved all the funny faces he was pulling during the shoot. It was so funny!

What a cute boy! I just needed to tell everyone about my friend Emily and if they need some cute pictures done they should go to her website and look at the stuff she's done. Her website is

Friday, November 7, 2008

Pictures (Finally)

So here are some pictures of Halloween finally! We got our new computer yesterday so I'm still trying to figure some stuff out but its so nice to have a computer that doesn't freeze all the time and that will actually go fast! I didn't take any pictures on Halloween because we were sick and all that fun stuff but here are some pics from the weekend before at Tim's parents house. We had a little Halloween party for the kids and they had lots of fun. Here are all the kids with there Grandpa. It was funny how Matt and his cousin Carter were the exact same thing and we had no idea! They were different colors though.
Tim with his Monkey son!

The cute Monkey twins and Grandma and Great-Grandma.

Matt at Cornbelly's with Reynolds.

I went with matt on a little ride and it was a very tight squeeze!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fun/Sick/Scary Week

We still don't have our new computer so I won't have pictures again. So this week has been so crazy. It started out good, we went to my parents ward Halloween party and it was so nice to see everyone from my old ward and Matt had lots of fun. He was kind of nervous around everyone because they all had costumes on and it scared him but he had fun playing the games and seeing all the kids. On Wed. I got my hair cut and colored by my friend Jackie and it turned out really cute. Once again I'll have to post pics some other time. Thursday night was a really hard night. Earlier in the day I had some weird discharge with clots in it followed by some cramping and it really scared me. I thought something was wrong with the baby like I was having a miscarriage or something. I called the doctor and they told me to just relax and in the morning they would see me. So that night at about 9:00 Matt woke up throwing up. This continued until 3:30 in the morning and about every hour after that. I called his doctor in the middle of the night because I was so scared. They told me that a bad flu was going around and that he would just have to get over it. I think he threw up 25 times that night it was horrible! I was crying so much that night worrying about Matt and also the baby. It was a hard night to say the least. On Friday morning I went to my OBGYN and they did an ultrasound and they saw that everything looked fine with the baby which I was so happy about. So as he was looking around I asked him if he could tell what the baby was. I'm almost 16 weeks so I figured he could hopefully tell. Well he saw what we were having and we are having another BOY! I was excited for Matt to have another brother. It makes me feel good to know that Heavenly Father trusts me with his sweet sons. I only hope i can do a good job raising them. I do feel bad for our niece Ashlynn she wanted me to have a little girl but there is only so much I can do. Matt was very sick all day long but he did sleep threw the night thank goodness. So I woke up the next day very sick. I got exactly what Matt has so Tim was taking care of both of us. Then today Tim woke up sick so all of us have just been laying in our living room all day sleeping and trying to take care of each other. We've never all been sick before so its been very interesting. I hope that everyone is well and hopefully no one else is sick with this horrible flu bug!