Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm Back!!!

I used to blog almost every week and I was looking at my blog and its been almost a month. Wow time really does fly by when your sleep deprived! Things are going good for our family we are just still trying to adjust to having 2 kids. Matt is doing okay with Jackson, sometimes he loves him to death and other times I have to defend Jackson from his brother. I know this is all normal I just hope that Matt can start to understand that Jackson is not leaving. He keeps asking me when Jackson is going home. But anyway I wanted to put some pics on my blog of the last couple of weeks and what we've been up to. The pic above is Jackson with his cousin Ashlynn. Tim's sister Heidi and her kids came down for the afternoon a couple of weeks ago and we had lots of fun together. Heidi had a baby not long ago either so its nice to know that other people are as tired as I am, probably more than me!
This is Matt with Ashlynn, he loves his cousin!
Matt with Carter. They are only 5 months a part and Carter is like 2 inches taller than Matt. I think its pretty funny!
On Mother's day weekend we hung out with Tim's family on Saturday and it was nice seeing everyone. The boys made us KFC for dinner and it was very good. It was just fun seeing everyone. Tim's sister from Cedar City and her husband Mark and their little boy Spencer came up so it was fun seeing them. This pic is Spencer, Matt, and Carter playing on the floor. It will be so fun watching all of these boy cousins grow up together. Lots of fun times ahead! On Mother's Day I went to church with Matt and Tim stayed home with Jackson. Tim tried to make me breakfast but I don't eat very much in the morning because I get sick so that idea was shot. Later that day we went to my parents house and my dad made us dinner and he did a great job. I loved seeing everyone and just relaxing and enjoying every one's company. Thanks boys for making Mother's Day fabulous for all of us mothers!

So I decided to buzz Matt's head and I did a good job in the front but that back....
The guard on the blade came off and I totally messed up Matt's hair. I was going to take him to get it fixed but his hair is actually already grown back in. I told Tim that I would just try to take him to get his hair cut in the future. Who knows if that will really happen but I can always try right?
This is Matt being cute with Jackson. I know they will be good friends when they get a little older.
All of my boys! I love them all very much and I'm so thankful for them in my life!