Monday, December 14, 2009

Its Been Forever!

So I'm looking at my blog the other day and its been 2 months since I last blogged. Wow where has the time gone? I have been just crazy busy this time of year I guess but that is no excuse. I have been doing lots of fun stuff with family and friends and its been nice to get out of my house and not think about life and how hard it is at times. I'm sure that we all feel that way.
These pics are kind of out of order so bare with me. This is me and my cousin Melanie on Black Friday. We both bought the same headband and we had to show them off. They were dang cute I might add!

This is the whole group who went shopping we started out at Tai Pan, then Bath and Body works, Target, IHOP, and of course Ross. We were gone for 10 hours and my legs were dead by the end but it was so much fun. I'm so glad we have this tradition. My dad usually would go with us every year and we would have him wait in the long line while we shopped and by the time we were done he was at the front of the line, this strategy worked out perfect. We didn't have any takers this year. It was defiantly hard without him, he will always be missed!
On Thanksgiving we went to my cousin Alex's church and played games and had great food. We had lots of relay races and we were all put into teams it was so much fun. You have to understand I have 54 cousins and 10 aunts/uncles and over 100 second cousins and counting right now. When we all get together we have so much fun but there is always lots of people and I love it! This is my sister Sarah with her cute little boy Corbin. Oh also we lost our camera at the church so I had to get these pics from my cousin Melanie. We did get a new camera for Christmas though. Here is my adorable Jackson he seriously is so cute I can't handle it. He looks exactly like Tim and that makes it even cuter!
Here is a picture of my mom and her three grandsons. We are hoping someday to give her a granddaughter but that won't be for awhile on my end! You know life is good it is hard for sure but I know that I've learned so much through my trials then I have when things were going great. I am so thankful for my family and friends who are there for me and who care about me so much!