Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Early Easter/Birthday

Well this year my birthday was lots of fun! I haven't been feeling to well lately, just being pregnant and all, but I still had a great birthday weekend. It started out when we went to Tim's grandparents house on Friday night and they cooked us dinner. We just hung out and talked and it was nice to get out of the house and not cook dinner. What better present can you ask for? Then on Saturday we went up to Tim's parents house. Most of Tim's family was there except for his sister Carrie and her husband Mark but they live in Cedar City so will let it slide! No we love them and miss them a lot. We got to hang out for awhile and then we had an Easter egg hunt for the kids. Tim's sister is blessing their baby on Easter Sunday so we decided to have the kids do an Easter egg hung earlier because that day is going to be crazy busy! The picture above is of Matt and his Aunt Heidi. He kept going up to her and asking her to hold him. It was cute!
This is Carter, Ashlynn, and Matt getting ready to find eggs! Ashlynn was great about sharing all the eggs with the little boys.

Matt wasn't quite sure what he was doing he thought he could eat the eggs! But after while he got the hang of it and had fun looking for the eggs.

Matt looking for eggs with his Nanny.

This was after they found all the eggs. All the kids got loaded with lots of yummy treats. The fun thing about having a kid is the parents get to eat lots of the treats to! Later that night Tim took me out shopping but I didn't really want to buy anything when I have 2 weeks left of being pregnant so I'm going to get something after I have the baby. But I did find an outfit for my boys and a belt for Tim. Then we went to the movies and we saw "Knowing" I pretty much hated it! I mean the concept was okay but it freaked me out! I was also so uncomfortable the entire movie my back was killing me. But I was very grateful that Tim took me out and that we just got to enjoy hanging out together. On Sunday which was my actual birthday I got to sleep in, went to church, took a nap, and then we went to my parents house. My mom and dad cooked dinner, I got presents, I won the game Wacky 6, and I got to just relax which is what I wanted! I of course got presents from people and I want to thank everyone for that! But it was such a nice birthday weekend and I couldn't have asked for anything else!
Update on the baby: I went to the doctor last Thursday and he said that I'm dilated to a 2 1/2 already and that the baby can pretty much come at anytime. I am so ready for him to come! I am so uncomfortable right now. He did an ultrasound and he thinks the baby looks just over 6 lbs. right now so that's good. So I'm pretty much just waiting for him to arrive. If I don't go into labor anytime soon I know that I will at least be induced April 13th! Yeah wish me luck!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sarah's Wedding/Cute Matty!

This last couple of weeks have been fun and very busy. This is my sister Sarah with Matt the day before her wedding. Sarah was very calm and relaxed and seemed to be very excited about getting married. Matt also loves his Aunt Sarah and whenever she comes over he gets very excited!
This is Sarah's wedding dinner at "The Bungalow". It was a great dinner with lots of family to celebrate Sarah and Cody's wedding. My dad has sung the song "My Girl" to Sarah and I since we were little girls so for our wedding dinners he sang that song to both of us. This is him singing to Sarah. He thinks he doesn't have a good voice but he really does and it always makes me want to cry when he does it because it reminds me of when I was a little girl.

This is Sarah getting ready for her wedding reception. She looked so beautiful that day and I don't think anything went wrong. I am very grateful to have such a wonderful sister and I am so happy for her and Cody. I didn't take any other pictures of the wedding because I was busy doing stuff, but if I ever borrow Sarah's wedding pictures CD I'll post some pics of it on here.

This was Matt this morning dancing to Elmo. He loves his Elmo show Wild Wild West and whenever the music comes on he dances around. He is so cute and I love this little guy so much! Our other little guy Jackson will also be here pretty soon. I get induced if I haven't already had him on April 13, so I finally see an end in sight. My doctor's were nice enough to induce me a week early and I really appreciated that! This pregnancy hasn't been bad at all I'm just super uncomfortable right now, I'm not sleeping well at all and pretty much in pain all the time so I will be very happy when I can snuggle and love this little guy soon! Until next time...

Monday, March 9, 2009

Random Times!

Well things have been pretty fun/busy lately in our household. I'm trying to get ready for the new baby and I pretty much have everything so that's nice! I just have to get it all out of the basement and into the room and also switch Matt into the other bedroom. That's what I've been doing this last week! Tim and I went to the Jazz game on Friday night and it was very fun. My sister Sarah's fiance (they're getting married this weekend) got us tickets to the game! Thanks Cody! Anyway we went with my brother Brandon and his girlfriend Karen. We were at the very top of the Energy Solutions Arena but it was great! I liked that I didn't have to worry if anyone was annoyed behind me, but I never did stand up so I guess that didn't really matter!
Here is a picture of Brandon and Karen
Here is Tim and I and of course he's making a face. Every time I ask him to have a nice picture it never happens, why do I ask anymore?

Last but not least is Sarah and Cody, the soon to be newlyweds. They've been dating for over 2 years now so its going to be weird that they'll actually be married soon! I think it will take me a while to think of them as married and not just dating. I will be taking lots of pictures this weekend at the wedding so stay tuned for all the good times there!

On Sunday (yesterday) we went up to Tim's parents house for dinner. Matt loves going to his grandparents house. This is Matt with his nanny. He was the only grandchild there that night so he got all the attention for everyone and he loved every second of it!

A couple of days ago Matt brought all of his blankets, pillow, and stuffed animals out to the couch and just snuggled with them. I thought it was to cute to not take a picture!

This is Matt with his cousin Spencer. He loves the babies in the family and I hope that he'll love our little guy as well. Spencer was laughing so hard at Matt it was super cute!

We also went and hung out with some friends of ours a week ago. This is Matt with Ethan and Cole is in back round. All these boys range in age but they all got along really well. Matt is the oldest and of course the smallest! But he can hold his own so I never worry about him!

This is Matt with his Aunt Steph's motorcycle helmet on. I think the helmet weighed more than he did, I don't know how he kept it on his head!
But anyway things are looking up for our family and its nice. I know that everyone is struggling right now with the economy and there scared about what's going to happen but I know that with faith and hope we will all make it through this crazy, stressful time! There's my thoughts for the day!