Monday, September 29, 2008

Fun Times

So this week has been pretty fun. My good friend Jackie had a baby boy last Tuesday so my friend Melissa and I went to visit her in the hospital on Wednesday. This is a picture of Matt with her cute little girl Chloe. These two got along so well it was very nice. We were so happy to see that everything went good with Jackie's delivery and the baby.
On Friday Melissa and Chloe came up to my house and we got to hang out and talk for awhile it was fun! Good times Melissa!
On Saturday Tim and I had to go to a funeral of one of Tim's family members. I always have a hard time at funerals because I always feel so bad for the families left behind. Those who have gone on are happy and doing good but you just worry about all of us that are left. Funerals also make me think about what people would say at my funeral and how people would respond if I died. I know I'm probably weird but I think of things like that. But the good thing is that funerals make me want to be a better person because you never know when you'll be leaving this earth.
Saturday night was Women's Conference and it was fabulous! I loved all the talks and it was so nice to be able to just sit there and listen to those amazing speakers. I definitely want to read those talks when they come out in the Ensign.
On Sunday we got together with my dad's side of the family for a family picnic. I don't remember the last time I saw people from my dad's side so it was nice to hang out and catch up with everyone. It was at a park so Matt was going down the slide the entire time. He was so sad when we had to leave! Well all I hope everyone has a fabulous week and I will see you next time.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Matt's 2nd Birthday!

This post is dedicated to Matt for his 2nd birthday! I just wanted to post some pictures of Matt over the last 2 years and how far he's come. The beginning as many of you know was so scary and we consider Matt our little miracle boy. This was the first time I got to see Matt in the hospital before they took him by life flight up to Primary Children's. He was covered in wires and I wasn't quite sure where to touch him so I just held his hand. I was so scared and I didn't know what would really happen with him.
This is Matt in the NICU at Primary Children's and Tim decided to bring a 9 month shirt in to the hospital for him to wear. It was a little to big but the "built tough" principle was great for Matt.
This is Matt on his blessing day. I love his blessing outfit. Tim also dressed the exact same way. They were my little twins that day.
This is just a fun picture of Matt. He loves playing around and having fun.
This was Matt on his first birthday eating cake. He got it all over himself it was sure fun to clean up.
For Matt's 2nd birthday this year we decided to go to the kid barn in Draper. They have all this big bouncy toys and the kids and Tim and our brother in law Tony had fun on them. This is Matt and Tim playing in one of the bounce houses.
Matt loves slides and they had 3 big slides that they could go down. He had so much fun!
This is a picture of Tony, Tim, Carter, Matt, and Ashlynn on the top of the biggest slide. It took the men a long time to get all the kids up there.
After the kid barn we came back to our house for a BBQ. Then Matt opened up his gifts. He has so many great people in his life who love him so much and we are so thankful for everyone.
This is Matt blowing out his candle. He was good a blowing but he didn't have quite enough power so I helped him out. I am truly thankful that Matt is in my life I don't know what I would do without him. I know that he is a miracle and a gift from our heavenly father to Tim and I. Its so interesting when you think about gifts that our heavenly father gives us and why some people get a miracle like Matt and other's don't. I really struggled with this after Matt was born I just kept feeling guilty. Finally I came to the conclusion that heavenly father knows us all and that he truly has a plan. I know that I've learned so much from Matt and from him being a part of our family but I also know that I would learn just as much if things would have turned out differently. Our heavenly father knows what we can handle and what we can't. Anyway I love you Matt and I hope you had a great day!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Dr's Appointment

So I went to my first doctor's appointment today and it went really good. I have a new doctor so just that fact makes me very happy. I talked to him about what happened with Matt and that I was scared and he was very nice and totally supportive. He just gave me some different options and the pros and cons of each option and he told me to just think about if I want to do the labor thing again or do a c-section. Honestly right now I'm really not sure, I really need to think and pray about it. I would love to do a regular birth because I've never done it all by myself and I know that the after birth won't be as bad. If I got a c-section I won't have to worry as much but the after birth is really hard I heard. So I'm really not sure what I'm going to do but I have like another 6 1/2 months to think about it. Other than that he took an ultrasound of the baby and I have to admit the baby already looks cute! It looks like a little chicken nugget so I think until I know what the sex of the baby is I'm just going to call it nugget. But I'm in good health and he said that everything looks great!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fun/Crazy Week...

So like my title says this has been a fun/crazy week. We are getting our yard done right now so there are 5-10 people here each day outside being loud like crazy and leaving all their garbage all over the yard! Hopefully the yard will be done in the next two weeks! (lets cross our fingers) On Wednesday I had 4 of my very good friends come over: Valynn, Kristy, Melissa, and Jackie, with all their kids. It was so much fun hanging out with everyone and the kids for the most part get along great! Then on Thursday Tim was working late so I decided to go to my parents house for dinner because I hate cooking for just Matt and me. Matt loves going to his grammy and grandpa's house and he loves seeing Reynolds and Sarah as well. On Friday my cousins Melanie, Heather, and Bethany came over as well as Sarah. They brought their kids and the kids were so funny. They all got along really well and we had a great time just talking and catching up.

This is a picture of Matt in Sarah's boots. He loves shoes and if the heel is higher the more of a challenge it is to him. Then on Saturday Tim's parents came over for awhile because they were on their way to Cedar City to see Tim's sister who just had a baby. Matt loves his nanny and grandpa as well. We love when Tim's parents come and see us and so does Matt.
On Saturday Tim's sister Heidi and her husband Tony and their kids Ashlynn and Carter came over to watch the BYU game. The kids seriously get along so well we never have to worry about them. This is a picture of them jumping on the bed. After the BYU game we went over to a BBQ at our friends house in our old Lehi ward. We saw lots of friends that we haven't seen for awhile and it was so fun! It seriously has been such a fun week and I love seeing family and friends. I also love being with people because then I'm not feeling sick and I'm focusing on other things. I go to my first doctor's appointment tomorrow and I'm very excited about that! Until next time...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Girls Trip!!!

We had a great girls trip this year! We went to Park City again and it was so nice to be so close to home and yet so far away. The first night we went out to eat at "Good Thymes" but it was not a good time. I think out of the 8 of us there 2 people actually liked their food. My cousin Melanie and me got the chicken and it was half a chicken with red veins sticking out of it, it was so gross! Let's just say that after dinner Melanie and me went to Cafe Rio because we were starving. The picture above it my cousin Heather giving "Good Thymes" a thumbs down!
This is the whole group of us that went (excluding my Aunt Sharon because she's taking the picture). In the picture is my Aunt Diane, Melanie, Mom, Shauna, Heather, Me, and Sarah.

My cousins and my aunt how cute are they!
My cute family! We kind of look alike in this picture.
We ended up going shopping all day Friday and it was great! We do a lot of damage when we shop. Later that night we were all sitting talking and Melanie and me realized we were sitting in the exact same way so we of course had to take a picture. We stayed up late both nights and it took me a day or so to recover but I am so excited to have this time to spend with my family. We always have so much fun together! Love you girls!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Long time...

So its been awhile since I've written anything. I don't have any pics of this last week because I forgot to charge my camera. I took Matt to the zoo on Thursday with Tim's sisters Heidi and Steph and Hedi's kids Ashlynn and Carter. They kids had so much fun and they were all so good! Ashlynn was such a big help. She pushed Matt around in his stroller and was so fun to be with! They loved all of the animals, but Matt especially liked to Elephants and the monkeys. I was thinking about it and the Hogle Zoo doesn't really have that many animals. I always thought of getting a pass to go there but I think its a once a year event for us. We ate lunch went on the train and the carousel and we just had a lot of fun. The weather was perfect it wasn't to hot it was just right. Thanks Heidi and Steph for going with us it was so much fun! Tim's other sister Carrie just had a baby on Monday and I wanted to congratulate her! They had a baby boy and they named him Spencer. I am so excited for them they will make wonderful parents.
My life is pretty simple right now. I'm just trying not to feel sick all the time and trying to find things to eat. Today I went to Subway because it sounded so good and I got a foot long sub and I ate almost all of it. Wow I really am pregnant. Of course I could do that before I was pregnant so I don't know if that means anything? Anyways I'm feeling pretty good just tired and sick sometimes but I can't complain because I haven't thrown up once which I am very thankful for. Tim has been super busy at work which is a good thing I just miss him, but I am so grateful that he is such a good supporter for our family and that he is such a good husband, I am so blessed. Anyway all is well just thought I would update you all.
P.S. I just plugged my camera battery in so I will have some more pictures soon!