Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Camping on our Anniversary!

So we went camping this last weekend and it was also our 5 year anniversary. We went camping at Strawberry Reservoir and it was very nice. On our anniversary (which was Friday) I gave Tim a picture frame that has a picture of us when we were dating, one of us on our wedding, and then us five years later. I also wrote him a journal entry of what we've been up to the last year. I make him a journal entry so we can remember everything that happened that last year. I was in charge of our anniversary and I wasn't quite sure what we'd be doing since we were camping but Tim's parents ended up watching Matt for us (thanks again for that) and we went into Heber and went out to dinner and a movie. I know it sounds lame but we hardly ever do that so it was a treat for us. Since Heber only had one movie showing we only had one choice and we saw Get Smart. It was funny but I would have rather rented it then saw it in the movie. So we had a great night and it was just nice being together and that's all the really matter right? We also went on that cruise in March which was for our anniversary so I count that as our big thing for the year!
So Matt loved going on the boat with his grandpa. He was even running around camp with his life jacket on because he knew that meant he would be going in the boat. He just sat and walked around him the boat for up to 5 hours! Sometimes he fell asleep but most of the time he was awake and loving it. Tim said that maybe we need to buy a boat for Matt now!
This is Matt driving the boat one of his favorite things to do. We had fun camping even though it was only Tim's parents and his sister Steph we always have fun together. I also had to bath Matt in their sink in their trailer and it was hilarious. He was actually very good but the sink was so little and he could barely fit in it. Too bad I didn't get a picture because it was pretty funny. Until next time...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Bedroom!

I just wanted to post some pics of some new stuff I've been doing to our room. I decided in May that we needed some new decorations. So I'll tell you what I've done to it since May. I got the new rug shown up above, the blanket, and a new laundry basket.
I also bought some new pillow the leaf thing on the wall, and the two pics above the bed. I really like the colors and how everything has turned out so far. I do want to paint but we're not sure if we're going to move in the next couple of months so I'll wait until then.

Father's Day/Swimming Time

Here is a recap of Father's Day. We went to Tim's parents house on Saturday and had a family BBQ (we missed Steph, Carrie and Mark though). We all hung out and played with the kids and of course ate great food! The kids all get along so good so its so fun watching the three of them playing together. This is a pic of Tim's dad and our niece Ashlynn.
Here is a pic of Tim of course being the cute man he is! He is such a great father and I'm so blessed to have him as my husband. He loves being with Matt and would do anything for him.
This is a picture of my Grandpa Stephenson. I have never seen him wear a cowboy hat so I had to get a picture of it.
On Sunday we went over to my parents house and hung out. My Grandpa, Cherrill, Aunt Cindy, and Aunt Chris came down as well and it was nice being able to talk to everyone. My Aunt Cindy and Aunt Chris both lots their husbands last year so this was there first father's day without them and they said it was nice to be with family and kind of a hard day. I'm glad they came down. All in all we had a fabulous father's day and both Tim and I are so grateful for our father's and the great examples they are to us in our lives. Love you dads!
We finally were able to go swimming because it was finally hot enough! Matt loved going in his little pool as you can tell! Our neighbors came over and Matt had lots of fun with them as well.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

I just wanted to say Happy Father's day to all those great dad's out there! We had a great weekend with our father's and I just wanted to say that I love both my dad and my father in law very much. They are both wonderful father's and I'm so grateful for their example's in my life. I'll put pictures and more information about father's day at a later time.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Funny Matty!

So I had to blog about Matt because he has been so funny lately I can't handle it! This is a picture of him in my high heels. He loves walking in my shoes around the house he thinks its so funny! He likes to put men's shoes on as well and walk around don't worry :)
He has also been into hats like crazy! He loves putting things on his head whether its my headbands, hats, or wet wash clothes he's so funny!
This is the first time he was finger painting. We did this today for Father's Day so that Tim could have an original Matt painting. He was having so much fun and this is at the end and of course he was crying while I was taking the picture. He did a great painting though I might add.
This is Dad and Matt giving me a big cheese for the picture! They are great buddies!
This is a picture of Matt eating sticky rice. As you can tell it got stuck all over Matt but he was loving it. It took awhile to get off of him but you got to love it!
I have to tell you 2 funny stories really quick as well. So I was singing to Matt while he was eating dinner and he turns to me puts his finger to his lip and says SHHHHH! I was laughing so hard because he has never done that before. I didn't even know he knew how to do that!
My other story is that today I was playing with him and he was hitting me so I picked him up and told him that we don't do that. After I explained it I said, "Do you understand what I'm saying to you?" Then he looked at me and yelled, "YES!" He has never talked back to me and I was laughing so hard. You may not thing these stories are funny but I thought they were pretty funny. He has his own little personality and I'm so grateful that he's such a good boy!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A New Day

So I'm starting to feel better and its so nice because I don't think I could have lasted one more day in my house. I went to Enrichment tonight in my ward and they did such a good job. We talked about preserving memories so we talked about scrap booking, blogging, and having family traditions. All the women did a great job and when I got home I came right to my blog because I wanted to update it with the new stuff I learned. I tried to add some other stuff but I didn't like it so I'll have to figure some things out later. Any who thanks again for everyone who has helped out family this week we really really really appreciate it. I know that Matt was wondering if his mom was going to ever take care of him and he probably didn't care because he was having so much fun with everyone else.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Surgery Time :(

So I had surgery this week, good times. I had surgery on my right ear. They were replacing a bone that was missing so that I can hear better. I didn't know that we had three tiny bones in our ears and when we don't have them all you can't hear very well. I had this surgery about 3 years ago but my body rejected the bone so they went back in to see if it might work again. The good thing about this surgery is that I haven't thrown up once! I usually throw up for days because going under makes me so sick. But the doctor really listened to me and helped me to not be sick so I really appreciate that. I'm trying not to take a high dose of medication because it makes me feel loopy and since I have to watch Matt on Monday I figured I should get it out of my system now. I am so thankful to people who have helped during this week especially my family and Tim's family for watching Matt. I have had many other family and friends offer to take Matt as well and I'm so thankful that I have such wonderful people that I can come to if I need help. You might be getting a call this week you never know :) I am so thankful for Tim and for all he's done for me since Wednesday. He has given me every meal, every time I needed anything he was right there to help me and he's been such a support to me, thank you honey I love you! So hopefully my next blog will be upbeat and happy and I'll have something fun to talk about! Until then....