Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pics and so much more!!!

I thought that title would be catchy! Well this month has been pretty fun we've done lots of stuff but I haven't taken pictures at everything. But the events I did take pictures at I wanted to show everyone who looks at my blog.

This was actually tonight we carved some pumpkins. Matt was so excited because he picked the pumpkins out himself like 2 weeks ago and we've been waiting to carve them so they didn't go bad. This was Tim carving and getting all the seeds out.
Here is my cute boy Matt! He is such a sweet feisty boy and I love him so much!

This is a pic of both boys having fun carving. Matt wanted Tim to carve him an alligator in the pumpkin and since we didn't know how to do that we carved a pumpkin with teeth but one of the teeth chipped so it looks like a redneck pumpkin its pretty funny!
Tim took the boys up to his parents house last week and the kids decorated pumpkins. I was up in Logan at my cousin Matt's wedding reception. The kids loved doing this and Matt talked about it for days afterwards. This is Matt with his cousin Ashlynn.
Carter, Ashlynn, and Matt before they decorated.

We also went up to Gardener Village and saw all the witches. For those of you who live in Utah this is such a fun place for kids. Its free and its just fun walking around and seeing all the fun witches. We do this every year with my friends.

This is a pic of all the kids and Jackie, well she's a kid at heart so its okay! Jackie, Collin, Matt, Nora, and Quincy.

My little sister Sarah also had a baby boy Corbin on October 4 and I went over one morning to help her. Since it was like 8 in the morning the boys were all in there pj's and they all looked adorable! I think its hilarious that Jackson is only 6 months older then Corbin and he looks huge! We are so happy that Corbin is here and we all love him to much, what a good baby!

We also went down to my friend Melissa's house and my old boss Alexis from college came over. Weird thing but Alexis lived next door to my friend Melissa when she was my boss and we all became friends. So anyway we all got together and it was so much fun because I haven't seen Alexis for about 2 years. One other friend came over but I can't remember her name! Sorry! This is a pic of all the kids. They all had fun together. Its been a fun month and this week will be crazy with lots of Halloween activities so be looking for some fun pics of that! Until next time...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Some Thoughts

Sorry I haven't posted on my blog for awhile now, its been a very challenging time for me. I have had so many people write and tell me so many nice things since my dad passed away and I wanted to thank all of you for all of your love and support. Everyday is a challenge and I find myself crying constantly but I know that someday the ache and the pain will get better and I'll be able to just think of great times with my dad and not feel so sad. I am truly blest to have an amazing family who looks out for one another and amazing friends as well. I don't know what I would do without any of you. Again thank you all for your love I feel it everyday and I am thankful for your prayers as well. I've posted two new posts for the last 6 weeks. Even though I have lots more pictures this was all I was able to do today. Hope you enjoy!

Matt's 3rd Birthday

Well these pictures are in the wrong order sorry so we'll have to go backwards. This is Matt blowing out his candles. He couldn't quite get is so Tim's dad stepped in and helped him out. But he looked so cute trying.
This is when Matt was listening to everyone singing happy birthday to him, he was so happy!

Opening gifts with everyone. He was a little overwhelmed so other kids helped him open gifts.
All the kids playing at McDonald's playland. Matt just wanted to go to McDonald's and go on the slide so we had some family meet us there and all the kids just had a great time playing and eating McDonald's. That wouldn't be my first choice for dinner but it was his birthday.

My mom , Jackson, Aunt Chris, and Aunt Diane. I had so many wonderful aunts and cousins come to celebrate with us. It was so nice of all of them to make an effort for Matt and I really appreciate it!

Cody, Sarah, and Reynolds. They are all having a good time!

Our niece Ashlynn with Tim's mom.

Tim's dad with our nephew Issac.

The proud dad!

The proud mom! This was such a good day for Matt we just had a chill day and he got pretty much whatever he wanted. It was hard in some ways because my dad was looking forward to Matt's birthday so much. Months before his birthday he was telling me what he wanted to buy him and how excited he was. So it was really hard not having him there. But I know that he is looking out for Matt from up above. I am thankful for times like this when we could all be together as a family and just have fun. I can't believe Matt is 3 though, with everything that we went through to get him here and then everything that happened to him at birth I am so thankful everyday for this little guy in my life!

Labor Day

So for Labor Day weekend this year we went up to Tim's parents house with his entire family and had a "stay cation" weekend. We all slept over on Friday night and half were outside in tents and the other half were inside. I was inside with Jackson. I heard that the one's who slept outside didn't get at much sleep as they would have liked to. We all hung out Friday night eating and talking and just having fun. The next day we went to the Children's museum and I forgot my camera so I don't have any pics from there. The kids loved it though. They had so many fun cool things for the kids to do and I think the adults were having just as much fun. Afterwards we went to Apollo burger and ate some good food and then we all parted ways until Monday. On Monday we went to The Farm at Thanksgiving point and the kids loved the animals there.
Here is Matt riding the horse and loving it. You'll notice he had a little mustache on him well he got a cut above his lip and my brother Brandon decided to put a band aid on it and drew a mustache on it. He wouldn't take it off and I figured it was pretty funny so I let him have it on.

Matt and Ashlynn looking at the animals.

The cute newlyweds! Steph and Carter had only been married on even a month yet. They were super nice to come up and hang out with all of us.

Tim holding Jackson and showing him the horse. He looks like he's having fun!

Matt with Tim's mom. He loves her so much.

Looking at more animals. Afterwards we went to Cabela's and ate some lunch but then Matt got a really high fever when we were there so we decided to come home. It was so much fun though being with Tim's family and just hanging out together! Thanks for the good times everyone!

These are just some pics of the boys the last month. Matt with his mustache.
My adorable Jackson looking like a deer caught in the headlight.

Sorry I didn't turn this picture.
This is what Matt wore to Steph and Carter's wedding. He was so cute. I don't have any other pics of the wedding I wish I did.