Saturday, July 25, 2009

24th of July!

We had such a fun 24th of July this year, and we are all very tired from it as well! This picture above is Jackson just hanging out, I love that he's getting so fat. He's such a good boy and I'm so grateful that we have him in our life!
On the 24th we went to my parents house and we had a great BBQ with my entire family. Afterwards we all hung out and talked for awhile and then we played games. The great thing about going over there is that Matt will nap really good for like 2 hours or more so we put him down and we played games and just hung out for awhile it was great! I always have so much fun with my family and I'm so grateful for all of them and there example to me in my life. After we came home we had to wait until it was dark to do some fireworks so at about 9:30 we went outside and our next door neighbors were doing there fireworks as well. They invited us to come over so we did and it was fun hanging out with them. I was lighting a firework for Tim and a spark hit him right in the eye. He was in pain and had to go home. Today he's doing better so hopefully he won't have to go to the doctor's. Sorry I didn't get any pictures at my parents house. I guess I forgot with two kids and good food! So today we went to Tim's parents house and we also have some great times there. We had another fantastic BBQ and the kids had so much fun playing in the pool. Tim's parents also got in on the pool action and pretty soon there was a water fight between the grand kids and the grandparents. It was great! Up above it Tim's mom Rhonda with all the grand kids minus two who were sleeping.

This is a picture of everyone watching the kids and just having fun hanging out. I didn't tell anyone I was taking the picture but of course my husband saw me and did the west side sign. Got to love him!

Here is grandpa getting all the kids wet. They all had lots of fun giving there grandpa a hug and getting him all wet. What good sports Tim's parents are!

Here is Matt's saggy diaper. He seriously had a bubble butt and it was hilarious! He couldn't hardly lift his legs because his diaper was so big! After we went swimming we celebrated Tim's sister Steph's birthday. She got lots of great things and she's getting even more excited because she's getting married in 3 weeks! After the gifts we all hung out because we were all tired from the sun and then we came home. It was a great weekend just hanging out with family. I am so grateful for both of our families, we all get along so good and just have a great time with each other.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July and other happenings

Well this week was a fun week for us. This is a random picture of Jackson, I seriously love taking pictures of my boys! They are just so darn cute!
I decided earlier this week to try and potty train Matty because I'm so sick of changing two kids diapers. So I tried and I failed! This is Matt using the potty as hat. Luckily it had nothing in it!

For the 4th we went over to where Tim dog trains and had fun with lots of people over there. Tim loves it because everyone loves dogs. I like dogs to just not as much as them! Jackson seriously went poop all over himself and his car seat while we were out dog training. Luckily I had a onsie in my diaper bag but I have never cleaned up so much poop in my life! The poop completely missed the diaper and went all over, isn't that the reason I buy the nice diapers seriously! Then we went up to Tim's family's house to celebrate birthday's, father's day, and the 4th. This is Steph Tim's sister with her fiance Carter. They are so cute together and we are so excited to see them get married on Aug 14th!
This is Tim's other sister Carrie, just relaxing and enjoying the kids!

This is Tim with his Grandpa Kersey. We love his grandparents very much and I am very grateful for all the love they show to me!

This is Tim's mom with Jackson. I thought Jackson looked so peaceful in his Nanny's arms.

Here is Matty, Spencer, and Carter taking a break from the pool to take a picture! The kids loved the pool so much and Matt and Carter were dumping water on each other. Well Matt was dumping water on Carter way more than Cater was dumping on Matt. We didn't have any swimming diapers so they had regular one's on and you all know that when they get wet you can totally see the little one's crack and its hilarious!

After playing in the pool and eating lots of yummy food I took the boys down to my parents house. Tim had to go work at the Parade of Homes so I was on my own for awhile. Luckily the boys fell asleep on the way down to Orem but it wasn't long enough they were so tired! We had another BBQ at my parents friends house and there was lots of people there. Then Matt decided to get in the pool with my dad and brother Reynolds. Matt loves swimming so much even when he's freezing and his lip is shaking. But then he got in the hot tub and he said it was a nice warm bath. He liked swimming in there!
Afterwards we went to the Parking Lot of Fire! This tradition started about 20 years ago when we moved here. They have the Stadium of Fire and we never went there but since my parents live next to a church parking lot we started bringing our fireworks over there and doing them. Now almost every family in my parents ward and all there kids and friends come and we all bring fireworks and food. There are lots of illegal fireworks and that's what makes it so much fun. This was Matt's first time going and he absolutely loved it! My dad was holding him most of the time and he would turn to him and say, "Oh my gosh grandpa!" Then he would clap and yell! What a cute boy! Luckily Jackson was dead asleep in the house and I checked on him every 10 mins or so and he never woke up.
Matt with his grandpa. Well we had a great 4th of July and I'm already getting excited for next 4th of July to roll around again! Good Times!