Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Finally Christmas Pics!

So its taken forever to get my Christmas Pictures up because I got a new camera for Christmas and thought I lost the cord to put the pics on the computer and I just found it tonight so I'm pretty happy. Well Christmas was good but very hard this year without my dad. I tried to make the best of the situation but I wanted to break down many times. On Dec 23rd Matt and I tried to make a gingerbread house and we got it to stand for about 2 mins and then it was done. We had lots of fun and got really messy making it. I love Matty so much and I'm so grateful everyday that he is a part of our family!
On Christmas Eve we went to my dad's grave and sang Christmas songs with my Aunt Diane's family. This is my dad's headstone and the Chips and Fries in the corner are because those are my dad's favorites and Tim thought he would enjoy those rather then flowers.

Here is Tim, me and Matty in front of my dad's grave. Jackson was in the car, it was so cold outside that we didn't want him to get sick. I'm hoping that we make this a family tradition to sing Christmas Songs every year at my dad's grave. He loved singing Christmas songs at the hospital and we thought this would be a great way to honor him.

After we went to the cemetery we ate dinner at my mom's house and watched some old Christmas movies when we all lived back in Maryland. I only lived there until I was 6 so it was fun watching all of us when we were so young. Afterwards we all went to the hospital and sang some Christmas carols to about 5 people. It always touches my heart every year I get to do this because I just think about if I was in the hospital and how nice it would be for people to come sing to me. Most of the people are so grateful. This is a picture of my Aunt Diane's entire family. We always have so much fun with them!
Here is our family minus Sarah's husband Cody and her son Corbin, and Tim and Jackson. We are very small compared to my Aunt Diane's family.
We all slept over at my mom's house and it was fun hanging out with just the kids until late at night. We woke up early on Christmas morning of course and opened lots of nice gifts. I know it was hard for my mom this year but she was truly amazing and she was so happy to be with all of her kids.
After presents we made breakfast and then we went up to Tim's parents house. There are 6 grand kids now and they all had a great time opening up presents together. Matt was kind of in a bad mood because he wanted to play with the gifts he had and not open any other one's. We were all pretty tired but we still had lots of fun.
Here is Tim with Matt. Matt fell on the ground on Christmas Eve morning so he had a nice carpet burn for all the pictures you got to love boys!
Here is the cute Wilson family with Heidi, Issac, Ashlynn, Carter, and Tony. We love them all very much. I don't know why but I didn't get a picture of Tim's other sister Carrie or Stephanie and there families. Sorry guys we love you to!

Here is Jackson cuddling Spencer I thought that was adorable! After we opened gifts we went to visit Tim's Grandma Adams and his other Grandma who was in a rehab center because she broke her back. After we got home we were all so tired! We ate a great dinner of grilled cheese sandwiches (I wasn't prepared) and we all went to bed by 8! It was a very nice Christmas and I only cried half a dozen times. I still miss my dad everyday but I know that he's watching out for all of us from the other side! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and my goal for this year is to update my blog every 2 weeks! We'll see how that works out!