Sunday, June 28, 2009

What a Slacker!

So its been a while again! I swear life is just going by very fast these days I can't believe that Jackson will be three months in July! We haven't really been up to anything this month and maybe that's why I really haven't posted anything. The weather has been horrible and kind of cold. I haven't been able to put Matt's pool out or sprinkler's and he's been sad about that. But hopefully now the weather won't be so bad. This is a picture of Matty playing with a ball. My mom gave him this ball and he has been loving it. I didn't know that such a simple toy could bring hours and hours of fun! He loves throwing it around the house and sometime's hitting me in the process! He thinks that's hilarious!
This is my cute baby boy. He has been smiling so much lately and I love it. This morning when I went to get him in bed he gave me the biggest smile. I'm so excited that he's in this stage right now because it makes everyday so great! He is such a good boy and he sure loves his food! He's starting to get fat and I love it!

Here is another cute picture of Jackson I am so blessed to have two amazing boys in my life. I am also very blessed to have a great husband. I am surrounded by boys here but I wouldn't have it any other way.

This is Matt with Jackson. He had a hard time with him at the beginning but now he's starting to love him. He loves to tell me when he's awake and I usually don't hear him to its nice to have Matt telling me. He also loves to tell him what a good boy he is (hopefully he keeps that up). Two such sweet boys what more could a mom ask for! Hopefully my next post I'll have some fun or interesting news so until next time...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's been awhile!

Its been awhile since I've written anything on my blog and its not that nothing has been happening its that lots has been happening and when your not getting much sleep it seems to make things even harder to get done! I loved this picture of Matt with Jackson. Every time Matt holds him he wants me to take a picture of them. Its so cute! I am so grateful from my boys and for the love and joy they bring into my life.
I love pictures of babies in the bathtub its always something that you have to take a picture of. Jackson was so cute in the bath and he's starting to like it a lot more. He used to scream the entire time he was in the bath and now he just sits there and loves being in the warm water. What a good boy he is!

Here is Jackson getting all warm in his towel. What a cute face!

Jackson was also blessed on Sunday and it was such a special day for our family. This is his blessing outfit and it was also Matt's blessing outfit as well. He looked so darn cute! Tim was able to bless him and he gave him such a sweet spiritual blessing. I'm so thankful that Tim can bless him and that he honors and respects his priesthood. Afterwards we had some family and friends come over to our house for a breakfast. I didn't make any of the food so I can say that it was all amazing! Thanks again to everyone who brought food over. Jackson is such a sweet little boy with such a great spirit and I am so grateful that he is a part of our family!