Monday, February 23, 2009

Random Happenings in February

So there has been a lot of random stuff going on this month. Its been a hard month for many different reasons but things are starting to look up so I'm very excited about that! Okay so this is a random picture but Tim and I were driving and we saw this truck in front of us and I was wondering how in the world he got all this crap to stay in this truck? He didn't have anything tying it down it was just all shoved in that truck! I thought it was going to fly out any second and I made Tim stay far back so we wouldn't get hit! Random picture I know but I thought it was weird!
I haven't taken a picture of Matt in the bath for awhile so I decided to do it. He seriously is such a cute little boy! I am so thankful for him and you know when your having a hard time kids just make everything better. You look at their little faces and you can't help but smile and be happy! I'm so thankful for little kids!

Yesterday Tim's sister Heidi had her little boy Issac. He came about 3 weeks early but both mom and baby are doing great! She had him at Mckay Dee Hospital in Ogden and he seriously looked so good for just being born! Usually babies have weird shaped heads or bruises or they look like old little men but he looked so adorable! I had to point that out to Heidi because I knew it would make any new mom feel good! Tim loves babies and this made him more excited for out little one to come. Only 8 more weeks to go!

This is Issac in his bed. He grunts when he sleeps and makes the cutest little noises. It made me want my baby so bad! But then I just remember that little Jackson will be here soon enough and to try and get as much sleep as I possible can before he comes!
This month has seriously had many ups and downs in it but I feel like I've learned and grown so much and I'm thankful for all the experiences that I've had in my life even if they are hard because they make me want to be a better person. I am happy that life is getting better and better each day and that we'll be adding a new one to our family pretty soon! Until next time...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Its been a while

Well its been a little while since I've posted a blog and its not that I haven't wanted to its just been crazy and than really boring so I wasn't sure exactly what to write about! Well two weeks ago today Tim was driving and passed out while he was driving. So we took him to the hospital and he got all checked out and he's fine but it was super scary! He says that he remembers passing out and then being on the side of the road, he doesn't remember how he got there! So I think its a huge blessing and I'm so grateful that he's doing okay. He threw up right before he got in the car and started driving and the doctor thinks that because he started driving right after he threw up that the blood was just rushing from his head so it made him pass out. I guess he already has a low heart rate and that had a lot to do with it as well!
So later that night Matt started getting really sick and throwing up everywhere.It was seriously a very bad day! So Matt and Tim were both pretty sick all week so I just took care of my boys and thank goodness I didn't get sick myself because I don't know what we would have done. So the entire week was just busy trying to take care of everything that was going on. Last week was actually pretty boring around our house but I like it that way. I would rather it be boring than crazy! But I did take a few pictures of what we did last week so I hope you enjoy...
Tim was reading a book and Matt went and grabbed his books and started reading with Tim. I thought it was so cute!
On Saturday I took Matt to Cabela's to look at all the animals. He loves animals and he had so much fun just walking around. This is him in an ice fishing tent. He loved going in all the tents and walking around. But he liked this tent the most because he had somewhere to sit.
This is us in front of the fish. I know you can't see the fish but there in the back. Matt looks scared in this picture, I just look scary!
This is Matt with the animals, he is such a cute boy!
Matt with a bear!
Okay so I have a question and if anyone can help me that would be great! This last week Matt has been very difficult. He screams if he doesn't get his way and I try to distract him with other things and he just screams louder. I put him in time out but when I get him out he just does it again. I really don't want to spank him or anything so I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions because seriously I feel like I am at the end of my rope!