Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer 2010

Okay so it's been awhile since I've posted and I'm sorry about that. I haven't really been in the posting mood for some reason but I'm back and I'm excited! We've been doing a lot this summer mostly just hanging and playing but we have been loving the weather and I love being with my boys!
This is Matt drawing with chalk outside. He loves drawing but he always comes inside covered with chalk dust.

This is Tim and I on our anniversary. Its been 7 years I can't believe it! We went out to dinner and to a dollar movie that I've been waiting to see. We had lots of fun and I'm so grateful for my husband everyday! He is truly the best!

This is on one of our visits to Tim's parents house. This is Jackson and Matt with Tim's dad. I thought this picture was cute!
This picture was taken on father's day at my dad's grave. It was an emotional father's day this year but I tried my best to make it special for Tim because he is a great father as well.

I took Matt to his first Rodeo in Lehi and he loved it! He loved the horses, cows, motorcycles, and the bulls. I love being able to do fun stuff with him now that he's a little older.

We also went up to Tim's sister's house and the kids had lots of fun being together!
Matt has recently learned that he can just drop his pants and pretty much go anywhere. I do have to say that his father taught him this. I loved this picture of his cute bum!

This was on the 4th of July we went up to Tim's parents house for a little while and all the kids got in the water and played and had lots of fun!

This is Matt getting ready to watch the Parking Lot of Fire at my mom's house. He loves sitting next to the girls!
This is Matt doing a sparkler right before he burned his hand. Of course even when your sitting there right next to them they can still do that!

We went to Park City for a little vacation and this is us on the Gondola ride. It was fun but I got kind of sick because it was so hot in there!

This is our family at the zoo.

This is Matt getting ready to ride the train. I love this smile on his face what a great kid!
Matt and his Grammy on the Alpine Slide.

This is Cody, Sarah, Ren, and Matt at the Olympic Park.

Matt riding a horse.

Jackson has just been learning how to walk and he is so adorable when he is trying. This is one of the first pictures I got of him standing on his own. He is so proud of himself!

This is the boys at Cabela's looking at the fish.

This was the Lehi City Foam day. Here is Matt, Corbin, and Jackson playing in the bubbles. Matt loved it but the other two boys weren't so sure.

Matt covered in bubbles. We've had a great summer and I have so many more pictures but I can't post all of them. I am really going to try and be better about updating my blog. Until next time....


Englishfam said...

Have you and Tim really been married 7 years?! That is crazy! We will be married 9 in about a week. Time flies! I loved all the pictures of your boys. They are darling! You have such a cute little family. It was fun hanging out on the 24th. Lets decide on a day for play group and make it happen! Love ya! :)

Heidi and Tony said...

Love all the pics. Welcome back to the blogging world. You have been missed. Love you guys!!!!

Hoggards said...

Yay! Love the update! Looks like you've been up to tons of fun this summer! And that photo of Matt's "nature calling.." is hilarious! Black mail for sure!

Haslams said...

Glad you posted! lots of fun pictures!

Tara said...

Such a fun summer! I totally wanted to take the kids to foam day but I ahd to work! UGH! Maybe next year! Congrats on teh 7 year mark! And the "when nature calls" pic is hilarious1